Energy Efficiency Services

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Energy efficient building is a top priority for Lawton Company, as we place a high value on environmental responsibility.

Building an energy efficient, high performance home only makes sense from a future housing cost control perspective and it supports many people’s resolve to live responsibly and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Lawton Company Team holds several energy certifications, including Building Performance Institute, Building Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional, DOE Energy Star V3 and EPA Lead RRP and has years of experience providing commercial and residential energy services. Most importantly, all steps of the construction process will take into consideration the energy efficiencies that will make your home a smart home for the future.

Standard Features for an Energy Efficient Custom Home:

  • Passive solar design
  • Tight Framing Construction
  • High R Value Insulation and Spray Foam insulation
  • Sealed and Conditioned Crawl Space
  •         Low-E windows & doors
  •         Low or no VOC paints, stains & adhesives
  •         Programmable thermostats
  •         Low flow faucets & shower heads and Dual flush toilets
  •         ENERGY STAR Appliances
  •         ENERGY STAR Lighting
  •         Sealed, Insulated Ductwork
  •         High Efficiency 14 SEER Heating and Cooling Systems